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Servicing Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

Professional Tree Removal - Tree Trimming- Stump Grinding- Fertilization

 Tree Removal is Located in Phoenix, AZ. 

We employ full-time, E-Verified Tree workers, who are skilled and trained in tree care. Our arborist will come to your home to ensure that your trees are properly evaluated and may recommend optional service that will help benefit your tree. For your protection we hold all the appropriate insurance coverages, which include Worker's Compensation and General Liability. Keep in mind when you hire Phoenix Tree Removal, you are hiring a professional tree service that value its customers and has won the Super Service award 4 consecutive years.

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Why Trim Trees






Your tree(s) may need to be trimmed for a variety of reasons:

  • Remove dangerous limbs that are diseased or dead 
  • Thin the crown to allow sunlight and air circulation
  • Raise the crown of the tree to remove obstructive branches 
  • Reduce the height of the tree
  • Maintenance Tree Trimming is recommend when the primary objective is to maintain or improve the tree health and tree trimming structure of a tree. Maintenance trimming should consist of one or more of the following trimming types:
  • Crown Thinning and trimming shall consist of the selective tree trimming removal of branches to increase light penetration, air movement and reduce weight.
  • Crown Raising and trimming shall consist of the tree trimming removal of the lower branches of a tree in order to provide clearance.
  • Crown Reduction Trimming ( crown shaping ) reduces the height of a tree or individual limb.
  • Vista Trimming is the selective trimming of framework limbs or specific areas of the crown to allow a specific view of an object from a predetermined point.
  • Crown Restoration Trimming should improve the structure, form and appearance of trees which have been severely headed, vandalized or storm damaged.
  • Crown Cleaning and Trimming shall consist of the selective tree trimming removal of one or more of the following items: dead, dying, diseased, weak branches and watersprouts from a tree's crown. 

At Phoenix Tree Removal, the ISA standards are strictly followed when we are trimming, pruning, or shaping your tree. Improper cuts can cause damage to your tree, but the correct trimming, pruning, or shaping can enhance the life and appearance of your tree. 

We also can trim your trees to meet city code, this includes crown raising and crown reduction.Raising a trees crown involves removing lower level branches to give a higher clearance area for structures and pedestrians. Crown reduction on the other hand lowers the height of a tree by removing obtrusive branches and rounding out the top.

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Phoenix Tree Service Experts

Phoenix Tree Removal is Arizona's Expert in Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Palm Removal and Stump Grinding

 It's time to hire the professionals. Phoenix Tree Removal use professional equipment, such as 70ft bucket trucks, wood chippers, stump grinders and tree fertilization feeding units,  to complete your tree service the best way possible. We have multiple working trucks running daily and can usually get jobs schedule within a few days.  

With our insurance coverage of up to $2,000,000 and our worker's compensation coverage, we can assure you that we will not only get the job done right, but we also can protect your property while doing so. Our residential and commercial clients have rated Phoenix Tree Removal the top professional tree service in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas. Our company has won the Service Award For Service 4 consecutive years .

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